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We’re looking for 20 people

Here’s What This Is All About and What’s In It For You

We’re looking for 10 people who are interested in completing our Nail that Presentation program. We want to get some specific feedback on our program and are looking for people who are keen to attend the program but without paying the $97 price tag.

We will help you design an engaging presentation ready to present to your specific audience. And during the process, you will help us too (more on that in just a bit).

This isn’t an attempt to upsell you into something else. You will have full access to the program, receive feedback and advice from us.

Here’s What’s In It For You and What You’ll Receive

You’ll have access to our three hour, video-based training course. You can also access the content as audio or as pdfs if you wish.
You’ll be able to use a variety of worksheets for audience analysis, designing a destination statement, creating an evidence plan and the core of our program, the SpeakerMap™.
You’ll get comments and advice from us via the Nail that Presentation private Facebook group.

As a result of all this, you’ll be guided through the process of designing an engaging presentation of (almost) any length to any audience. The exception to this are family or ceremonial occasions such as wedding speeches or toasts.

This program can help you with a variety of issues: maybe you’re struggling to get your planning started. Maybe you overprepare. Maybe you get very nervous. Maybe you don’t know how to make your presentation engaging. Or maybe [insert your own problem here].

Whatever it is, Nail that Presentation will help. This program is based on a live course that we’ve run for over 15 years to individuals and business audiences. We’ve refined the system over this time and we’ve seen it transform the confidence and engagement of hundreds – possibly thousands – of people.

We’re accepting only 20 participants. Here’s why…

First, because if we have too many people, we’ll get overwhelmed. We’re using this offer to measure what time commitment is required by us to assist you effectively. We intend to provide you with excellent, personal advice and find out how much time that involves.

Second, because this is costing us money. We usually would charge $97 for this which pays us for all the time we put into creating the program and the help we’ll give you as you go through it. So we’re limiting that cost too.

So why on earth are we doing this?

That’s the part where you helping us comes in.

We’re really familiar with delivering this program to live participants with us in the training room. Converting it into an online program where our participants are not ‘with’ us creates another challenge.

We’ve beta-tested the program with some people and the feedback has included “bloody amazing”, “you are superb teachers” “I’ve gone from feeling overwhelm to feeling excited.”

Having ironed out the technical bugs, we now want to closely monitor the “user-experience” – in other words, be able to get detailed feedback on the quality of the materials we’re offering.

So we want you to be willing to give us regular feedback as you progress through the program. This may be as simple as ranking a video-lesson from 1 to 10 and giving us comments why, to completing surveys on your general experience of the program.

We’ll also ask you to submit your work onto the Facebook Group so that we can see how you’re progressing and to give you feedback. We want to measure what type of time commitment will be required by us to effectively help our participants.

Does this sound fair to you? You’ll get our help to create an engaging presentation (without the $97 price-tag) and we’ll get information that will help us improve our program and its marketing.
But remember, we can only take 20 people. So to guarantee your spot and get started right away, put in your application below now.

What are you going to be talking about?

I’m going to talk about the Kiva organisation.

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