Get coaching from presentation design expert Tony Burns

If results are anything to go by, involving Tony was the best money we spent on this project. The final presentation was polished and received many complimentary comments for its clarity and persuasiveness. Most importantly, we gained desired policy changes from the countries we were attempting to influence.”
Felicity Bloor, NZ delegation to International Whaling Commission, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

“Tony Burns turned my initially average presentation into an interesting and compelling talk. He taught me how to send a clear message to the audience, fight nervousness and provided many effective tricks to make the presentation stand out. I believe his input was what made the presentation such a success.”
Tanya Hardy, Synergy International Limited

“I experienced you as totally focused on my needs and completely supportive at all times. You were able to give positive and negative feedback in a number of useful and supportive ways. You never made me feel inadequate at any time, even after my first disastrous run though. Of course, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. I have just received the audience evaluation of my final Wellington presentation. 84% of the responses were excellent or good for content with 95% for presentation being excellent or good.”
Maggie Jakob-Hoff, Director, Evaluation Associates

“I was nervous about getting our three most senior people presentation coaching, as they are all experienced and skilled speakers. Tony, from Effective Speaking, won them over with his no-nonsense approach and streams of practical advice. All three people were full of praise afterwards and asked Tony to accompany them to their first live presentation to give more feedback.”
Katie Mathison, Manager Communications and Public Affairs, Meat New Zealand

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