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Getting started using the SpeakerMap

If you’re feeling anything like this guy… we understand! Having to prepare and deliver an engaging presentation is one of the most stressful challenges that exists. There are so many different things that you might say

Here’s a way that will help you get some focus.

Imagine that your presentation is going to take your audience on a journey. Then answer this critical question. What is the Destination of that journey? When you’ve figured out that Destination you’ll immediately get focus!

This is because you’ll be focused on only creating material that will take your audience towards that Destination.

To get the Destination right you need to think about two things:

  1. Who is your audience?
  2. What is your topic?

So to get yourself moving, start filling in the form below. If you get stuck, let us know and we’ll offer some suggestions.

  • Your Topic

  • The Audience

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What are you going to be talking about?

I’m going to talk about the Kiva organisation.

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